Uplifting Trance Music (Set 1) - 2016

Uplifting Trance Music (Set 2) - 2016

Uplifting Trance Music (Set 3) - 2016

Uplifting Trance Music (Set 4) - 2016

UPLIFTING Trance 2012 - 3

1-Bushi - Perfected Moment (Matt Bukovski Remix)
2-Dayzanst - Double Bind (Original Mix)
3-Nexus 3 - Last Flight (Activa Rework)
4-Oblaid & Albert Van Leizer - Come With Me (Promatx Remix)
5-Ozo Effy - Endless World (Original Mix)
6-Pandora - Sansevieria (Opt-In Remix)
7-Pandora - Sansevieria (Touchstone Remix)
8-Paul Miller Pres Meli - Come Back (Original Mix)
9-Riialto - Trip to Tivoli (Original Mix)
10-Trance Arts & Sonic Element - Reformation (Original Mix)

1 comment:

Unknown said...

oblaid & albert van leizer - come with me song is THE EXACT SAME melody, breakdown, beat as Andy Blueman song "Nyctalopia"

both songs are uplifting trance.... did someone copy the other?

I know the Oblaid song is available for purchase at Beatport website...

who copied who?

Los dos canciones son EL MISMO. Escucha a "nyctalopia" por Andy Blueman.

son 95 o mas por ciento el mismo...