Uplifting Trance Music (Set 1) - 2016

Uplifting Trance Music (Set 2) - 2016

Uplifting Trance Music (Set 3) - 2016

Uplifting Trance Music (Set 4) - 2016

UPT 2010 - 22

1-Adriz - Final Second (Original Mix)
2-Aeden - Rendez-Vous in Paris (Oen Bearen in Love Remix)
3-Alex M.I.F. - Heavenly Angel (Etasonic Remix)
4-Alex M.I.F. - Heavenly Angel (Original Mix)
5-Arctic Moon - True Romance
6-Asbjorn Hegdahl - Mornin Glo (Original Mix)
7-Asbjorn Hegdahl - Mornin Glo (Warpfuz Remix)
8-Existone - Indigo Creek Tale (2nd Mix)
9-First State - As you Were (Ben Nicky Remix)
10-Spark7 - Vanquish (Solace & Solitude Remix)

UPT 2010 - 21

1-Claudia Cazacu - Valley of the Kings (Dereck Recay Remix)
2-Dj Gard - Fantasy (Extended Edit)
3-Dj Gard - Fantasy (Vantarez Remix)
4-Elias B - After all (Sunny Lax Remix)
5-Emotia - Sequile (Ronny K Emotion Mix)
6-Ex-Driver - Andromeda (Abstract Vision Remix)
7-Ex-Driver - Andromeda (Original Mix)
8-Tranceye - Baltic Waves (Oen Bearen Tribute to Wroclaw Mix)
9-Tranceye & Oen Bearen - Masuo (Original Mix)
10-Will B - Twenty Three (Mark Eteson Remix)

UPT 2010 - 20

1-4 Strings - Daytime (Sean Tyas Remix)
2-Andy Tau - Static (Sequentia Remix)
3-Garry Heaney - X Marks the Spot (Sean Truby Remix)
4-Pascal Saphira - This Summer (Dj Cyber Remix)
5-Reorder & Jaycan - Come With Me to Varanasi (Original Mix)
6-Simon Pitt - Carpe Diem (Angel Ace Remix)
7-Taleamus - Frozen Fire (Blue Wave & First Fly Remix)
8-Taleamus - Frozen Fire (Captiva Remix)
9-Van Dresen and Thrice - Subnative (99 Tribute Mix)
10-Van Dresen and Thrice - Subnative (Cor Fijneman Remix)

UPT 2010 - 19

1-Marc Lener - Arctic Sun (Monadbass Remix)
2-Marc Lener - Arctic Sun (Original Mix)
3-Med and Phil Metcalfe - January (Original Mix)
4-Med and Phil Metcalfe - January (Paul Todd Remix)
5-Mikko L - Summer Memories (Distrance Remix)
6-Mikko L - Summer Memories (Original Mix)
7-Plastic Boy - We're Here to Stay
8-Sergey Emotion and M.Eclipse feat Anny - Freesia(Hydrogenio Remix)
9-Sound Apparel - Anxiety of Vanity
10-Sound Apparel - Making End of Heart Tale

UPT 2010 - 18

1-Alex-D - Smashbox (Original Mix)
2-External Case - Ghost Hacking (Vlind Remix)
3-Fast Distance - Nuit Blanche
4-Imperfection - A Beautiful Tomorrow (Original Mix)
5-Imperfection - Searching For Happiness (Original Mix)
6-Jamie Harrison and Henry and Ed Levick - Cloud 9 (Original Mix)
7-Jo Micali - Return of the Gulls (Moorea Blur Remix)
8-Jo Micali - Return of the Gulls (Original Mix).mp3
9-Limz - One Step Closer.mp3
10-W & W vs Jonas Stenberg - Alligator Fuckhouse (Bjorn Akesson Remix).mp3

UPT 2010 - 17

1-George Acosta feat Fisher - Tearing Me Apart (Jessus Remix)
2-Guy Mearns - Stargazer
3-Ian Buff and Franky Faith - A New Day(Ian Buff Uplift Mix)
4-Mark Dior - Memories of Tomorrow(Oceania's Reminiscence Mix)
5-Mark Dior - Memories of Tomorrow(Paul Moloney Remix)
6-Novaline feat. Lisa Rose - Run Away (Dub Mix)
7-Odonbat - Ray (Adriz Remix)
8-Odonbat - Ray
9-Sebastian Brandt - 450
10-Setrise & Nurettin Colak - Priori (Ex-Driver Remix)

UPT 2010 - 16(Vocal)

1-Angra Mainyu feat L.Y - As the Sky Turns Black(Philophobia Mix)
2-De Donatis & Ciacomix - Angel 2010 (Arctic Moon Vocal Remix)
3-De Donatis & Ciacomix - Angel 2010 (De Donatis Vocal Mix)
4-Earthscape Meets Andrea Britton - Believe in Me (Van Der Vleuten Remix)
5-George Acosta feat Fisher - Tearing Me Apart (Dns Project Remix)
6-Max Graham feat N.Kennedy - Sun in the Winter(Alex M.O.R.P.H. Mix)
7-Nitrous Oxide feat Aneym - Far Away (Club Mix)
8-Novaline feat. Lisa Rose - Run Away (Original Mix)
9-Oliver P - Philadelphia
10-Traces Traxx - Contact (Original Mix)

UPT 2010 - 15

1-Adam Nickey Pres. Blue 8 - Eleventh Street(Ferry T.&Static Blue Mix)
2-Adam Nickey Pres. Blue 8 - Eleventh Street (Suncatcher Remix)
3-Alive Stone - Brainstorm (Adam Navel Remix)
4-Chris & Matt Kidd - Global
5-Ciro Visone vs Sara Pollino - Heart & Soul (Original Mix)
6-Ciro Visone vs Sara Pollino - Heart & Soul (Soundlift Remix)
7-Dk Project and Mark Shemel - Cast Away
8-Luke Terry - Veritas Lux Mea (Cesar Lugo Remix)
9-Van Gelder - Saints & Sinners (Aj Hutch Remix)
10-Van Gelder - Saints & Sinners(Daniel L.Mix)

UPT 2010 -14

1-Adam Foley - Fourteen Falls
2-Adam Navel & Elite Electronic - Existence
3-Century Seven - Inside Me (Dave Cold Rmx)
4-Haris C - Symphony (Original Mix)
5-Outer Sunset - Get a Train (Trenix's Dark Horizons Remix)
6-Redstar - September Falls (Original Mix)
7-Right Face - Spread (Original Mix)
8-Ronski Speed Pres.Sun Decade-Lasting Light (Jorn Van D.Dub Mix)
9-Steve Bengaln - Terminal Reactivated (Original Mix)
10-Youith - Take a Chance

UPT 2010 -13

1-A.T.M - Remain Behind Me (Original Mix)
2-Activa & Guiseppe Ottaviani - Dont Leave Me (Club Edit)
3-Alex Rank - Spirits
4-Andy Tau - Hidden Message (Icone Remix)
5-Brave - The Healer (Arctic Moon Remix)
6-Chris Melton - Minttu (Onova Remix)
7-Daniel Loubscher & Illyra - Now Or Never (Hi Plane & Jective Remix)
8-Daniel Loubscher & Illyra - Now Or Never (Original Mix)
9-Oliver Brooks Pres. Mandown - See you There (Original Mix)
10-Oliver P - Lost Without you

UPT 2010 - 12

1-De Donatis & Ciacomix - Angel 2010 (Arctic Moon Dub Remix)
2-Dj Trancebass - You Are my Life (Club Mix)
3-Gravity Pres Harry Dyer - Red Light Green Light (Gravity's Amber Mix)
4-Johan Ekman - Reniscence (Original Mix)
5-Jonas Stenberg Pres Sunstate - Nightfall (Original Mix)
6-Karybde and Scylla - Infinite Shores (Stonevalley Mix)
7-Luke Terry - Escape From Antarctica (Club Mix)
8-Reorder - Driven By Moment (Original Mix)
9-Reorder - Miracles (Original Mix)
10-Van Dressler - The Lonely One (Original Mix)

UPT 2010 - 11

1-Burak Harsitlioglu - Cycling
2-Dmitry Ference feat Alexander Bobkov - Out There (Wond.Feeling&Mtc)
3-Estiva & Temple One - November Lovely (Temple One Mix)
4-John Dopping - The Mind (Activa Remix)
5-John Dopping - The Mind (Original Mix)
6-Nery - Redawn (Original Mix)
7-Texxture - In the Rain (Luca De Maas Remix)
8-The Sixth Sense - Paradise (Neal Thomas Remix)
9-Trilucid - We Are One (Vol Deeman Remix)
10-Vantarez - Far From Over (Original Mix)

UPT 2010 - 10(Vocal)

1-Ben Nicky - Driven
2-Dash Berlin - Never Cry Again (Jorn Van Deynhoven Remix)
3-Nolita feat Ross Copperman - Jump (Original Mix)
4-Texxture - In the Rain (Dj Gard Dream Vocal Remix)
5-Trance Arts feat Claire Willis - Time (Estigma Remix)
6-Trance Arts feat Claire Willis - Time (Torsten Nieland Remix)
7-Tritonal feat Soto - One More Day (Abbott & Chambers Mix)
8-Tritonal feat Soto - One More Day (Original Mix)
9-Waytwoside - Dark Fantasy (Fallen Fix Remix)
10-Will Atkinson feat Nicole Tyler - Forgotten Fields (Vocal Mix)

UPT 2010 - 9

1-Alive Stone - Fly With Me (Daniel Loubscher Remix)
2-Andy Tau - Late Nights (Akira Kayosa and Eld.Remix)
3-Ardi - Illusion Wave
4-Bot Cipryan - Astral Breeze (Rozza Remix)
5-Danjo & Jpl - Ages (Jpl Speed Mix)
6-Nery - Redawn (Oen Bearen's Torn Soul Mix)
7-Setrise - Goomba
8-Setrise - Oudegracht
9-Tritonal feat Soto - One More Day (Abbott&Chambers Dub Mix)
10-Will Atkinson - Forgotten Fields (Original Mix)

UPT 2010 - 8

1-A.T.M. - The World Without You (Original Mix)
2-Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Break the Light (Original Mix)
3-Arisen Flame - Income (Kaimo K Remix)
4-Arisen Flame - Mixed Feelings (Original Mix)
5-Crimson - Definition of a Dreamstate (Daveij Remix)
6-Indecent Noise - Aerospark (Sunset Remix)
7-Sergey Nevone - Eva (Dave Cold Remix)
8-Setrise - Lost Sun (Gary Maguire Remix)
9-Steven Liquid - Bright Shadow (Atm Remix)
10-Tamerlan & Djons - Existence of Life (Traces Traxx Remix)

UPT 2010 - 7

1- Bycue - Different Ways (Space Garden Uplif.Way Mix)
2- Bycue - Different Ways (Vantarez Remix)
3- Guy Mearns - Hopes & Tears
4- Kenan Teke - Eternal Glory (Original Mix)
5- Mike Danis - Deeply Pure
6- Robbie Seed - Daria (Matt Skyer Remix)
7- Robbie Seed - Daria (Original Mix)
8- Setrise - Lost Sun (Matt Skyer Remix)
9- Soundlift - Extraction Point
10- Soundlift - On a Mission

UPT 2010 – 6

1-Ben Nicky feat Rob Leccese - Legacy (Original Mix)
2-Centroid - 2 Am (Original Mix)
3-Chris Shepherd - Shalloa (Original Mix)
4-Dmitry Bessonov - Above in the Sky (Ultimate Remix)
5-Dmitry Bessonov - Equator (Original Mix)
6-Mike Shiver vs Matias Lehtola - Snooze (Bjorn Akesson Remix)
7-Ron's Labyrinth - Tenchu (Lennox Remix)
8-Ron's Labyrinth - Tenchu (Original Mix)
9-Tetrazone - Elegance (Original Mix)
10-Ultimate - In Our Hearts (Original Mix)

UPT 2010 - 5 (Vocal)

1-Alexander Xendzov f.Julie - Set you Free (Rene Ablaze V.Mix)
2-Christian Zechner - November Mourning (C-Systems Vocal Mix)
3-DFolt & Paul Trainer - Empathizer (Temple One Remix)
4-Filo & Peri - Soul and the Sun (Filo&Peri S B.Room Revival)
5-Javah feat Jacinta - Lost in a Dream (Dima Krasnik Remix)
6-Javah feat Jacinta - Lost in a Dream (Rene Ablaze Remix)
7-Mike Shiver vs Matias - Nana (Filo & Peri's B.Room Revival)
8-Rene Ablaze vs Cyrex f.Stine - Continuum (Dima K.Mix)
9-Rene Ablaze vs Cyrex f.Stine - Continuum (Long Mix)
10-Romi Pres 2spaces f.Viktor - Into the Air (Will H&T.One Mix)

UPT 2010 - 4

1-Electric Traveller - Somnium (Original Mix)
2-Estigma - Unhearted (Trance Arts Remix)
3-Etnosphere - Dreamer Again (Abstract Vision&Elite Electr.Mix)
4-Ilya Soloviev & Poshout - Anthem (Original Mix)
5-Manuel Le Saux & Astuni - Pure Magic (Abstract&Elite Mix)
6-Manuel Le Saux & Astuni - Pure Magic (Thomas Coastline Mix)
7-Sunset - Beautiful Life (Original Mix)
8-Sunset - Beautiful Life (Vol Deeman Remix)
9-The Enlightment - Resonance (Original Mix)
10-Tobias Davy - Uplift (Original Mix)

UPT 2010 - 3

1-Abstract Vision vs Elite Electronic - Everest (Ex-Driver Remix)
2-Abstract Vision vs Elite Electronic - Everest (Original Mix)
3-Chapter Xj - Resurrection (Jorn Van Deynhoven Remix)
4-D-Mark feat G-Sus - Desired Melody (Original Mix)
5-Electric Traveller - Enlight (Original Mix)
6-Endroll - Moon (Original Mix)
7-Estigma - Loving you (Original Mix)
8-Garry Heaney - Zero Tolerance (Sky Motion Remix)
9-Nurettin Colak - Compassion (Original Mix)
10-Trance Commando - Sunset Beach (Original Mix)

UPT 2010 - 2

1-Adam Navel - Night Lights (Adam Navel 2009 Mix)
2-Apple One - They Came From the Stars
3-Arisen Flame - Sincere (Inglide Remix)
4-Blue Tente Pres North Sight - Runaway (Reorder Bangin Mix)
5-Ciro Visone - Mutant Force (Ernest Miller Remix)
6-Dejan Subotin - Dreams of Tomorow (Original Mix)
7-Dejan Subotin - Lights of Novisad (Original Mix)
8-D-Mark feat G-Sus - La Lamida Del Gato Negro (Original Mix)
9-Electribe - Space Tour (Original Mix)
10-Faruk Sabanci - Emotional Outburst

UPT 2010 - 1

1-A.M.R - Elevation (Jonas Hornblad Remix)
2-Adam Navel - Invisible Sun (Original Mix)
3-Faruk Sabanci - Maiden's Tower
4-Hydro Aquatic - Impact
5-Kenan Teke - Forgotton Dreams (Estigma & Ben Alonzi Remix)
6-Kenan Teke feat Nia Nabi - Forgotton Dreams (M.Innov.Instru.Vocal Mix)
7-Taylor & Close - Life in Colour (Original Mix)
8-Tranzition - All the Time (Mert Tolay Remix)
9-Vast Vision - Luminosity (2 Year Anniversary Theme)
10-Will Holland feat. Line Froyset - Things That Happen (Mystery I.Mix)