Uplifting Trance Music (Set 1) - 2016

Uplifting Trance Music (Set 2) - 2016

Uplifting Trance Music (Set 3) - 2016

Uplifting Trance Music (Set 4) - 2016

UPT 2010 - 19

1-Marc Lener - Arctic Sun (Monadbass Remix)
2-Marc Lener - Arctic Sun (Original Mix)
3-Med and Phil Metcalfe - January (Original Mix)
4-Med and Phil Metcalfe - January (Paul Todd Remix)
5-Mikko L - Summer Memories (Distrance Remix)
6-Mikko L - Summer Memories (Original Mix)
7-Plastic Boy - We're Here to Stay
8-Sergey Emotion and M.Eclipse feat Anny - Freesia(Hydrogenio Remix)
9-Sound Apparel - Anxiety of Vanity
10-Sound Apparel - Making End of Heart Tale

UPT 2010 - 18

1-Alex-D - Smashbox (Original Mix)
2-External Case - Ghost Hacking (Vlind Remix)
3-Fast Distance - Nuit Blanche
4-Imperfection - A Beautiful Tomorrow (Original Mix)
5-Imperfection - Searching For Happiness (Original Mix)
6-Jamie Harrison and Henry and Ed Levick - Cloud 9 (Original Mix)
7-Jo Micali - Return of the Gulls (Moorea Blur Remix)
8-Jo Micali - Return of the Gulls (Original Mix).mp3
9-Limz - One Step Closer.mp3
10-W & W vs Jonas Stenberg - Alligator Fuckhouse (Bjorn Akesson Remix).mp3

UPT 2010 - 17

1-George Acosta feat Fisher - Tearing Me Apart (Jessus Remix)
2-Guy Mearns - Stargazer
3-Ian Buff and Franky Faith - A New Day(Ian Buff Uplift Mix)
4-Mark Dior - Memories of Tomorrow(Oceania's Reminiscence Mix)
5-Mark Dior - Memories of Tomorrow(Paul Moloney Remix)
6-Novaline feat. Lisa Rose - Run Away (Dub Mix)
7-Odonbat - Ray (Adriz Remix)
8-Odonbat - Ray
9-Sebastian Brandt - 450
10-Setrise & Nurettin Colak - Priori (Ex-Driver Remix)

UPT 2010 - 16(Vocal)

1-Angra Mainyu feat L.Y - As the Sky Turns Black(Philophobia Mix)
2-De Donatis & Ciacomix - Angel 2010 (Arctic Moon Vocal Remix)
3-De Donatis & Ciacomix - Angel 2010 (De Donatis Vocal Mix)
4-Earthscape Meets Andrea Britton - Believe in Me (Van Der Vleuten Remix)
5-George Acosta feat Fisher - Tearing Me Apart (Dns Project Remix)
6-Max Graham feat N.Kennedy - Sun in the Winter(Alex M.O.R.P.H. Mix)
7-Nitrous Oxide feat Aneym - Far Away (Club Mix)
8-Novaline feat. Lisa Rose - Run Away (Original Mix)
9-Oliver P - Philadelphia
10-Traces Traxx - Contact (Original Mix)