Uplifting Trance Music (Set 1) - 2016

Uplifting Trance Music (Set 2) - 2016

Uplifting Trance Music (Set 3) - 2016

Uplifting Trance Music (Set 4) - 2016

UPT 2010 – 6

1-Ben Nicky feat Rob Leccese - Legacy (Original Mix)
2-Centroid - 2 Am (Original Mix)
3-Chris Shepherd - Shalloa (Original Mix)
4-Dmitry Bessonov - Above in the Sky (Ultimate Remix)
5-Dmitry Bessonov - Equator (Original Mix)
6-Mike Shiver vs Matias Lehtola - Snooze (Bjorn Akesson Remix)
7-Ron's Labyrinth - Tenchu (Lennox Remix)
8-Ron's Labyrinth - Tenchu (Original Mix)
9-Tetrazone - Elegance (Original Mix)
10-Ultimate - In Our Hearts (Original Mix)

UPT 2010 - 5 (Vocal)

1-Alexander Xendzov f.Julie - Set you Free (Rene Ablaze V.Mix)
2-Christian Zechner - November Mourning (C-Systems Vocal Mix)
3-DFolt & Paul Trainer - Empathizer (Temple One Remix)
4-Filo & Peri - Soul and the Sun (Filo&Peri S B.Room Revival)
5-Javah feat Jacinta - Lost in a Dream (Dima Krasnik Remix)
6-Javah feat Jacinta - Lost in a Dream (Rene Ablaze Remix)
7-Mike Shiver vs Matias - Nana (Filo & Peri's B.Room Revival)
8-Rene Ablaze vs Cyrex f.Stine - Continuum (Dima K.Mix)
9-Rene Ablaze vs Cyrex f.Stine - Continuum (Long Mix)
10-Romi Pres 2spaces f.Viktor - Into the Air (Will H&T.One Mix)

UPT 2010 - 4

1-Electric Traveller - Somnium (Original Mix)
2-Estigma - Unhearted (Trance Arts Remix)
3-Etnosphere - Dreamer Again (Abstract Vision&Elite Electr.Mix)
4-Ilya Soloviev & Poshout - Anthem (Original Mix)
5-Manuel Le Saux & Astuni - Pure Magic (Abstract&Elite Mix)
6-Manuel Le Saux & Astuni - Pure Magic (Thomas Coastline Mix)
7-Sunset - Beautiful Life (Original Mix)
8-Sunset - Beautiful Life (Vol Deeman Remix)
9-The Enlightment - Resonance (Original Mix)
10-Tobias Davy - Uplift (Original Mix)

UPT 2010 - 3

1-Abstract Vision vs Elite Electronic - Everest (Ex-Driver Remix)
2-Abstract Vision vs Elite Electronic - Everest (Original Mix)
3-Chapter Xj - Resurrection (Jorn Van Deynhoven Remix)
4-D-Mark feat G-Sus - Desired Melody (Original Mix)
5-Electric Traveller - Enlight (Original Mix)
6-Endroll - Moon (Original Mix)
7-Estigma - Loving you (Original Mix)
8-Garry Heaney - Zero Tolerance (Sky Motion Remix)
9-Nurettin Colak - Compassion (Original Mix)
10-Trance Commando - Sunset Beach (Original Mix)

UPT 2010 - 2

1-Adam Navel - Night Lights (Adam Navel 2009 Mix)
2-Apple One - They Came From the Stars
3-Arisen Flame - Sincere (Inglide Remix)
4-Blue Tente Pres North Sight - Runaway (Reorder Bangin Mix)
5-Ciro Visone - Mutant Force (Ernest Miller Remix)
6-Dejan Subotin - Dreams of Tomorow (Original Mix)
7-Dejan Subotin - Lights of Novisad (Original Mix)
8-D-Mark feat G-Sus - La Lamida Del Gato Negro (Original Mix)
9-Electribe - Space Tour (Original Mix)
10-Faruk Sabanci - Emotional Outburst

UPT 2010 - 1

1-A.M.R - Elevation (Jonas Hornblad Remix)
2-Adam Navel - Invisible Sun (Original Mix)
3-Faruk Sabanci - Maiden's Tower
4-Hydro Aquatic - Impact
5-Kenan Teke - Forgotton Dreams (Estigma & Ben Alonzi Remix)
6-Kenan Teke feat Nia Nabi - Forgotton Dreams (M.Innov.Instru.Vocal Mix)
7-Taylor & Close - Life in Colour (Original Mix)
8-Tranzition - All the Time (Mert Tolay Remix)
9-Vast Vision - Luminosity (2 Year Anniversary Theme)
10-Will Holland feat. Line Froyset - Things That Happen (Mystery I.Mix)