Uplifting Trance Music (Set 1) - 2016

Uplifting Trance Music (Set 2) - 2016

Uplifting Trance Music (Set 3) - 2016

Uplifting Trance Music (Set 4) - 2016

UPT 2016 - 17

1-9Eek - Binary Pulsar (Original Mix)
2-Andre Visior - Reflection (Extended Mix)
3-Delta IV - Only Heaven (Original Mix)
4-Diher & R3dub - Lynx (Original Mix)
5-Illitheas - Halion (Original Mix)
6-Jase Thirwall Ft Victoria S. - I'll Still Have You
7-Manida - Exist (Mezzo Forte Rmx)
8-Michael Milov - Forever In Our Hearts (Original Mix)
9-Susana - Silent For So Long (Maratone Remix)
10-Yuri Kane - Running Wild (Liam Wilson Radio Edit)

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1 comment:

bertsbeats said...

nice blog! Just wanted to say i grew up in the 70s ,80s so i was in teens when uplifting was the craze and trance was the main anthem but now its not such the norm like it was back then.but trance is not dead!

but uplifting is still my favorite keep up the good work! with your blog.